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There are many types of editing involved in the publishing process. I am specifying the types of editing I'm offering, in general, here, with these titles. Other people may refer to them by different terms. I have performed these jobs professionally under various terms at various places. For specific requests, please contact me.

Editing of novel-length work begins with a 500-word sample edit so you can see how I work and we can determine if we'll work well together. It's a collaborative process!

Line Editing
I will note errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling (general American or British usage and Chicago Manual of Style. Please note: publishing houses and concerns often have their own, in-house style guidelines, which are specific and known to their editors. Those internal guidelines are not at issue in general editing.) Your goal should be to produce clean, grammatically-correct copy, which I can help you achieve.

Substantial Editing
I will provide an overview of the novel or work, focusing on the plot, consistency, characters/characterization, the strength of the writing (and avoiding common pitfalls like overwriting), and basic structure.